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Raleigh Short SalesAre you looking for Short Sales in Raleigh NC? Raleigh Short Sales occur when the home owner can’t afford to pay their mortgage and the bank tries to take the home back for foreclosure, and then the bank and the home owner come to an agreement to have the owner sell the home in a short period of time in order to keep their credit score from dropping drastically.

Raleigh NC is the perfect place to move to and short sales are a great way to find a good deal on a home if you don’t mind waiting a few months to close. The only thing bad about short sales is that they take a little bit longer to close because there is more paperwork to file.

If you’re looking to find a home in Raleigh, be sure to look through the listings below. We can assist you in every step along the way to buying a Raleigh Short Sales. You can also do an advanced search that you can find above in the menu to help you find the short sale within your price range and desired size.

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