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Raleigh ForeclosuresIf you’re in the market for a home in Raleigh NC — be sure to check out the foreclosure listings.

Foreclosures occur when the current home owner can’t afford to pay their bills, and the bank or loan office then takes the home in order to pay for the lien. The bank then turns around and sells the home to public in either an auction or through a realtor.

When you buy a foreclosure they sometimes take a little longer to process than a regular house but they really are — just a regular home. They come “as is” which is the same as many other homes on the market. They are nothing different than a single family home, just the difference lies in who’s selling them and why.

Raleigh NC Foreclosures are great for all family sizes and great for all price ranges! You can find a beautiful million dollar home that is a foreclosure, or a small 2 bedroom home.

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