Clayton NC Real Estate

About Clayton NC

If you come and visit Clayton, you will hear that this is a great place to live. Those people that have lived here their whole life and also the new residents will say its a great place to live. Clayton is proud of its heritage and the legacy of leaders who shaped the town. There is quality parks, tons of open space to roam around, and tree-lined streets adds beauty to this town!

Clayton is in Johnston County. The population here is around 16,100 people. It is growing three times the rate of the state as a whole. While the state is growing at a 1.6 percent per year, Clayton tops 5 percent… and keeps going up. The education is great here. Residents here are very well educated, with a high percentage having at least some college training and here we enjoy a good standard of living. They are expecting to increase 40,00 more people in the next 10 years.

Clayton NC Real Estate

Clayton has a lot of single family homes that will fit any size of family, young or old. The median sales price is $140,000, which makes it affordable for you! If you are looking to save thousands of dollars, you need to look for the foreclosures. These are homes that the previous owner couldn’t make his mortgage payments so the bank had to buy back the house. And then the bank wants to sell the house as fast as they can just to get some money out of it hence lowering the price drastically giving you an incredible price! Take a look at the listings below and see see if Clayton is the right place for you!

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