Affordable Home Options

Home buyers who are hunting for affordable homes are usually considering smaller homes and fix-uppers.  Some are looking into homes near their workplaces to save for gas or fare, while some  are considering mobile housing options or alternative building plans.

Small houses are homes that are less than 500 square feet.  Generally, small houses can eliminate clutter in a house.  More than that, small houses require affordable initial payment as well as lower heating and cooling costs.  Another affordable option is by using alternative building materials like cob or straw.  But of course, the use of cheap and earth-friendly alternatives should be in line with the climate or it would be impractical to do so.

Mobile homes are another more affordable options compared to traditional type of homes.  Typically, traditional homes require you to purchase both the land and the house.  However, mobile homes won’t require you to do so.  If you are curious about mobile homes, you may search online and surely you will discover contemporary designs of mobile houses.

Rent to own properties, also called lease-to-own house are great options for affordable homes.  It still feels like you are renting an apartment, but the difference is that you are going to own the property sometime in the future.  Just like any type of house, rent-to-own homes have advantages and disadvantages for both parties.  RTOs are one of the best options for home buyer who wouldn’t have the credit score or money saved to purchase a house.  They may pay a higher monthly rate than their usual rental fee, but they are not tied to continue the payment especially if they find serious issues with the property.  However, they will lose the option fee and all their rent credit money paid.  On the other hand, this is a plus or the seller.

These are just a few affordable options that you may consider when buying a home.  If you have decided to stop renting and spend your money on paying your a house that you can own later, you have a lot of options – small houses, mobile homes, rent-to-own homes, foreclosed properties, fix-uppers, and a whole lot more.  The main thing here is the fact that you need to spend time looking around for homes for sale.  It’s not good to find a house that suits your eyes, but always take time to consider affordability.  You can always make some improvements if you want change some parts of the property to make it look like your dream home.

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